Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a chauffeur to transport my luggage?

While chauffeurs are able to assist with the loading & unloading of your luggage, they cannot transport unaccompanied bags or items. In the event you need to book an additional vehicle to transport extra luggage, we ask that one of the passengers ride along in that vehicle with the chauffeur.

Why should I enter my flight number?

The flight number allows us to track the flight’s status and adjust the pickup time for any delays or early arrivals (where possible), as well as ensuring the chauffeur waits at the right terminal. We offer similar arrival tracking for pickups at major train stations as well. Please keep in mind that your chauffeur can only track one flight at a time. You are welcome to include any additional flight details in the “Notes” section of your booking, but the complimentary flight tracking & pickup time adjustment can only be performed for a single flight.

How do I request a service that includes transporting an animal / pet?

If you are travelling with a pet, please give us advance notice by including the basic details along with the total number of passengers in the “Note” field when booking. We ask that whenever possible, your pet is transported in a suitable crate or mat. In the event excess hair or damage is left behind, you may be asked to cover the cost of cleaning after the service. While most of our partners are willing and able to transport pets, they reserve the right to refuse the carriage of an animal which was not agreed to and added to the Special Requests field prior to the service. The only exception is service animals.

What if I have more luggage than the baggage allowance for my booking?

The maximum luggage allowance shown for each booking is based on safety, so we do not recommend exceeding this limit. If you are traveling with more luggage than the allowance, ensure you book enough vehicles to be able to transport all your belongings without going over the maximum capacity. Chauffeurs retain the right to refuse service based on the amount of additional luggage, and excess baggage may also result in additional charges.

Can you smoke in the vehicle?

To ensure cleanliness and air quality for all our guests, smoking is not permitted in Blacklane vehicles. This includes cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, and any other tobacco or non-tobacco products consumed via smoking. Violating this policy can result in additional charges.

Can I bring food and drinks into the car?

Cleanliness of the vehicles is an important part of our service, so we discourage the consumption of food during rides. Alcoholic drinks are only allowed to be consumed in the car with prior consent, and if in agreement with local laws. If a guest becomes too intoxicated, the chauffeur may ask the guest to refrain from drinking, and if it is compromising safety, they may stop the ride. If the vehicle requires cleaning due to spilled food or drinks, there may be an additional charge. All vehicles have bottled water on-board to provide you with a refreshing drink, which is of course free of charge.

Does Executive Class Travel offer round trip bookings?

Our system does not allow for the creation of round-trip bookings, i.e. two trips (there and back) in a single booking. Instead, if you require a round-trip service, you can book it in one of a few ways: Separate one-way bookings To book round-trip, you can simply book the initial journey and the return as two separate one way bookings. The system will often prompt you to book your return after placing the first booking. By the hour Booking by the hour is another good option if you need a ‘there and back’ service. Booking by the hour allows you to travel to your destination, attend to your business while the chauffeur waits on call and return whenever you are ready. Please keep in mind that by-the-hour bookings include a limited amount of complimentary kilometers/miles. Guests who need to cover a large distance may consider 2 separate one-way bookings instead.

When will I receive the chauffeur's contact information?

The chauffeur’s name and phone (telephone) number will be sent to the guest one-two hours before pickup via email. This message also contains the make, model and license plate number of their vehicle. If you booked for someone else, this information will be sent to the email address provided in the booking process. Unfortunately, it is not possible to disclose this information earlier.

Does Executive Class Travel offer long distance rides?

Yes. Long distance rides are 200 mile or more. You may cancel these for free up to 24 hour before the scheduled pickup time.

How long will the chauffeur wait for me?

Every booking comes with a set amount of waiting time, depending on where you’re being picked up. Additional wait time, while not guaranteed, may also be available upon request. Waiting time begins at your scheduled pickup time. Wait time at a street address For a standard pickup (i.e. from a hotel or home address), your chauffeur will wait for 30 minutes before leaving the pickup point. The first 15 minutes are complimentary, and you will only be charged for the remaining 15 minutes. If you know ahead of time you may be delayed, we recommend reaching out to us via chat so that we can find a workaround for you. Wait time at the airport Airport and long-distance train station pickups come with one hour of complimentary wait time before the chauffeur will leave the pickup location, e.g. if you schedule your airport pickup for 10 AM, your chauffeur will wait until 11 AM free of charge. By providing your flight or train number when booking, your chauffeur will be able to track your arrival time and adjust your pickup time for any delays and early arrivals (where possible). If there is a very long delay and the chauffeur is unable to wait, we will contact you to work out an alternative solution.

What if my flight or train is delayed?

Providing your flight or train number when booking an airport or train station pickup allows us to track your arrival and adjust the pickup time for any delays or early arrivals. For example, say your flight is scheduled to arrive at 6:00 PM and you booked your pickup for 6:30 PM. If your flight is delayed 30 minutes, we will automatically adjust your pickup time to 7:00 PM. The same is true for early arrivals – If you arrive early, we will move your pickup time forward accordingly.

How many guests can you transport?

The passenger capacity depends on the vehicle type. The maximum for each service class is displayed during the booking process. • Executive Class rides can accommodate 3 people and 2 pieces of luggage. • Economy Class rides can accommodate 4 people and 2 pieces of luggage. These numbers are not absolute as they are based on average luggage sizes.

Where will the chauffeur meet me at airports?

All of Executive Class Travel airport pickups include a free Meet & Greet service. At most airports, the chauffeur will wait at the exit after baggage claim with a personalized pickup sign. If meet & greet is not available at your airport or there are specific instructions, those details will be included in the pickup address section of your booking confirmation.

How many kilometers/miles are included in an hourly booking?

Updated over a week ago Most hourly bookings include 15 miles of complimentary distance for every hour booked – independent of the service class. The exact amount of complimentary distance is shown in the booking overview of the booking flow. Should you exceed the complimentary distance, there is an additional charge per extra mile. The amount depends on the city and service class.

What will happen if I am delayed due to long queues at the airport?

Executive Class Travel includes one hour of complimentary waiting time for all airport pickups. However, we know that airport arrival procedures may change unexpectedly. Therefore, we suggest that guests arriving internationally schedule at least 60 minutes of buffer time or more after the flight arrival time. We are also asking for chauffeurs to be flexible and wait longer than an hour if at all possible. Are you traveling domestically or internationally? To accommodate unexpected delays, all airport pickups come with an hour of complimentary wait time. Plus, if you provide your flight or train details when booking, we will track your arrival time and adjust your pickup time accordingly where possible. If you are travelling internationally, we recommend scheduling a gap between your flight arrival and your pickup time – also known as a “buffer time”. Wait times for immigration and customs can vary depending on where you are coming from. For example, airport line wait times are longer in the U.S. than the U.K. Whether you are traveling with hand luggage (bag / bags) or checked baggage can also make a difference. Guests travelling with checked luggage may consider factoring in any potential delays in baggage claim when choosing a buffer time. For most international arrivals, we recommend a buffer time of one hour. For example, if your flight is expected to arrive at 10:00 AM, consider scheduling your pickup for 11:00 AM. This way, if you are delayed with customs or luggage, your chauffeur will wait you until at least noon.


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